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Re: The AO-40 FD Umbrella Contingency

Anthony Monteiro wrote:

> How about some cardboard-boxes covered in aluminum foil?
> That's what I am planning on using on AO40
> for FD unless it rains! Good idea to bring a camera,
> should be fun.

I'm about ready to start construction of your design, Tony. If it works 
well for me, I'm planning to try to reproduce it with wire mesh 
(originally purchased for a stressed parabolic that I just never seem to 
get built). Anybody who knows if mesh will work for this design is 
welcome to comment, otherwise I'm gonna take a whack at it, and try to 
form a judgement if it works less well then the foil/cardboard version.

Cardboard's fine for FD, but I want something to stick on my rotors.

Also, in my role as Area Coordinator, I'm going to be doing a 
presentation on AO-40 at the Central Pennsylvania Repeater Association 
at their meeting on June 19 in Harrisburg PA. I'm planning to repeat it 
September 10th at the Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club meeting in Philadelphia.

  73 de Maggie K3XS who's still looking for work, but now reluctantly
   considering relocation possibilities despite the family impact.

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