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NE0P/M this weekend, and some info needed

Will be going mobile for a couple of days this
weekend, and will have 2 and 436 with us, so will try
to get on some UO14 and SO50 passes.  Will be using a
1/4 wave dual band mobile whip, so won't be real loud,
but should be able to get into the birds-hopefully. 
Here is the grid-route:

Friday 5/16-EM04, EM14, EM15, EM16, EM17, EM18, EM28
Will be overnighting in EM28 in the SW suburbs of KC.

Saturday 5/17-EM28, EM29, EN20, EN30, EN31, EN41
WIll be staying a week or so in EN41, but will be
making day trips to EN40, and maybe EN42.  

It seems that EN20 is a fairly rare grid.  We will
only be in it for a few miles, but there is a rest
area in that grid, and hopefully the baby will need
her feeding at that time.  

I am not sure of our time schedule yet, but will try
to make as many passes as possible, and will try to
get on several times next week from EN41.

Here is one bit of information that I could really
use.  Once I know the pass times for UO14 for a couple
of days, is it easy to figure out the times for each
day after that.  That is, is UO14 regular enough that
it will be 15 minutes later each day, for example?  If
so, what is the difference for each day?  I can find
pass times for the next couple of days, but it would
be nice to be able to know approximately when to get
on each day and listen.  I won't have a computer to do
tracking with once we leave on friday.

Will come back on 5/24-5/25 through
Illinois/Missouri/Oklahoma, so will be handing out
those grids also.  

73s John NE0P

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