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Re: HF interference from BPL or PLC

I'm still wondering about this question.  Yes, the data on the power lines
will generate an electric field.  This electric field could cause
interference for sure.  But what is the p-p voltage of that data?  If it's
something small like 5 to 10 v, then I doubt the field strength would be
very large and the area affected due to radiation of the signal would likely
be pretty small.  I would imagine it would be smaller than the EM field
generated by the power line itself.

OTOH, if the p-p voltage of the data is very large, then indeed, I think we
could have some major problems.  But fortunately, we aren't the only tenants
on HF.  Ships, planes, military, gov't all still use HF.



on 5/14/03 9:53 AM, Jim Sanford wrote:

> I agree, it's probably a disaster for us.  Which doesn't matter to
> regulators.  The point we'll have to make is that the throughput and
> reliability will be at risk due to all the noise and variation of
> impedances on the power network, let alone interference FROM licensed HF
> users.  Any ISP considering this is probably in for more user complaints
> than a cable TV company of the mid 80's...
> To get just a HINT of the problem, ask anyone who was involved in cable
> current AM broadcasting.  It could be made to work, but was painful and
> full of noise problems.

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