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Re: FIELD DAY 2003

At 11:37 AM 5/14/03 -0500, Kyle Yoksh wrote:
>> What are the possibilities of making qso's > on AO-40 on "FIELD DAY"
>I also plan to operate AO-40 on field day. I have not yet tried to use my
>station away from home.
>Does anyone have any helpful suggestions for a first-time AO-40
>field-day'er? My  overall plan is K.I.S.S.    :-)

Hi AO-40 FD'ers,

Well no specific equipment advice.  But one that all should heed to avoid
the dreaded "Murphy":  Set up your station in your yard at home as you will
do it for FD and test everything in advance...get the bugs out when there
is not the pressure of FD! 

Then before you tear it down take a clipboard or paper pad and jot down a
list of all the stuff you used.  This becomes your check-list before
heading out the door on FD!  It helps keep one's blood pressure lower under
the "real event".

I head the comm dept for an emergency oil spill response org. and these
comments are founded in "lots" of experience...doing things the hard way
;-)  I have also operated FD for both AO-10 and UO-14 in the past.  Not
planing on FD-2003 other than a stolen few minutes at home because my
fiancee arrives from Miss the night of June 28!  I will be totally involved
in last minute house cleaning "ala bachelor"...;-)  {she becomes the XYL
June 30}

73, Have fun on FD,

Ed - AL7EB

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