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Re: The end of HF

on 5/13/03 9:27 PM, Bob Bruninga wrote:

> HF will die with these new 20 MBps Broadband over Power-Line systems!
> Our only hope is to test to see if our HF transmitters will bother them,
> because they for sure could care less about bothering us.

I doubt it, Bob.  I've heard of these types of power line modems before and
actually power companies have had them in use for some time.  No, not for
consumers, but they use these things on their lines to monitor faults and do
diagnostics.  So it's already out there.  But I doubt it's the end of HF.
Remember, the military still uses HF and I doubt they'd be pleased at all if
these things bothered them, especially in today's world.

Let's not play "Chicken Little" like most hams tend to do.


Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)

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"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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