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The end of HF

Call to HF!

HF will die with these new 20 MBps Broadband over Power-Line systems!

Our only hope is to test to see if our HF transmitters will bother them,
because they for sure could care less about bothering us.

Now may be a good time to do some HF work.  Lets get on the air.  Use it
or lose it.  If ANYONE can find out where they are installing this new
BROADBAND on POWER LINE (HF) systems, spread the word to all of us so that
we can get all the HAMS in the community to be alert to any interference
(there will be) and to also GET ON THE AIR before we lose the bands.

Might even be time to do some antenna work.  Move your RECEIVE antenna as
far from the power line as you can.  To make room for it, you might
find it OK to move your TRANSMIT antenna CLOSER to the power line since
your transmitted signal will not be affected.

Now I am NOT calling for willful interference of another service, that is
never appropriate.  But I am calling for AWARENESS and a USE IT OR LOSE IT
approach to our HF ham bands.

Ain't no way they can send a 20mbps BROADBAND signal over a 2000' long
open wire transmission line  (power line) through your back alley without
wiping out HF!

So, if you see or hear of any BPL neighborhoods, please share their
location.  In fact, we need someone to put up a MAP web page to which we
can all share such information.  Might even be worthwhile for HF mobiles
to get a little variety during their commute by looking for new
neighborhoods to travel..

See Page 9 in this months QST.


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