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12V Power Clarification, AIDC37XX

One more stupid question, if the list will indulge me...  :-)

I used a DEM pre-amp and downconverter last year for FD on AO-40. This
year I have a couple of AIDC37XX's available to me. There has been ample
discussion of bypassing the 12V 3-pin regulator to be able to power
these using battery power or rig 12v.

Question: must you remove the regulator completely (of course, placing a
shorting wire from input to output in its place), or can you simply
leave it in place, and short the output to input -- is there any risk to
putting 12v across the output of the device? I'd rather do this as a
wire mod than a removal, in case I ever want to put it back to the way
it was.

Can you tell that I am in "get the portable AO-40 station ready for FD"


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