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sec: unclassified - Shooting for the... comet!

What an opportunity for Amateur Radio people interested in satellites to
make a DEEP IMPACT in spaceflight.

To make a Deep Impact on Comet Tempel 1, enter your name, e.g. Peter Raymond
Ellis (VK1KEP), at the web site of the NASA satellite, Deep Impact

Your name and Amateur Radio callsign will be included with other names on a
disc attached to the impactor spacecraft. 

24 hours before impact, the flyby spacecraft points high-precision tracking
telescopes at the comet and releases the impactor on a course to hit the
comet's sunlit side. On July 4, 2005, the Deep Impact spacecraft arrives at
Comet Tempel 1 to impact it with a 370-kg (~820-lbs) mass. On impact, a
crater is produced expected to range in size from that of a house to that of
a football stadium, and two to fourteen stories deep. 

You can make your own personalized certificate after you click the "Send My
Name" button with your name entry.

Once you're entered in the campaign, remember to sign up for future
newsletters. Also, email a form letter to send your friends so they can make
a Deep Impact too! This is a free campaign and all ages are welcome!! This
project will stop taking names in January of 2004.

Once you have entered your name, you can search for it in the database.
You can contact friends you would like to have participate in Send Your Name
to a Comet! Your friends' Email addresses will only be used to notify them
of our campaign, and your address will be given as a "reply-to" option. None
of these addresses will be retained for any other purpose.
Bottom of Form 1

The full Internet address is:

Wishing you all the fun of a Deep Impact,
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