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Automatic AMSAT Antenna Rotators


I was quite interested in your note about software support of 24 VAC  TV
rotators as I have been playing with the same problem intermittently for
some while. I have been counting pulses coming back from the rotator and
that has it's problems.  After a little thought I think your scheme is  as
accurate as mine, and a lot simpler.  Your APRS document leaves me with
three questions: 

1.  Are you saying that most LEO birds are vertically polarized most of the
time?  This is not intuitively obvious but if so I have to rotate my 2m

2. Why did you put the rotator limit switches in the south?  Are there less
chances of trying to go through a southern limit switch than a northern

3. What angular difference between the calculated azimuth and assumed
rotator position do you allow before moving the rotator?  

Thank you,

Gene Marks    WB2LLP

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