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9Y DXpedition

I will be going to the island of Trinidad for a short business trip on 
Monday, 12-May-2003.  Bruce, KK5DO, has lent me his W32A with Prime AL-800 
antenna to operate UO-14.  I will only be able to operate the evening passes 
Tuesday and Wednesday.  There is a slight chance I will be able to make the 
mid-NA pass Monday evening,
0100z, 13-05-2003.  If you need this DXCC country or want grid FK90, look for 
0024z, 14-05-2003
2352z, 15-05-2003
0135z, 15-05-2003

Unfortunately, this island is too far east and south to reach the west coast 
of NA on UO-14.  FO-20 is too early in the day for my schedule, but there are 
a couple of passes of AO-7 where a short FM contact might be made in mode B 
(pretty iffy, with no guarantee it would even be in mode B).  If you are out 
of the UO-14 window but desperately want this country, contact me off list 
and we'll see what we can work out.

While my timing did not work out to operate AO-40 (missed it by a week or 
so), I am packing some S-band downconverters for two local hams.  So... look 
for 9Y on AO-40 this summer!
Jerry, K5OE
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