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VP2E expedition, sort of

>From May 19th to May 30th, and then again possibly 2 weeks later, I will be
in Anguilla for work. I will at the least have an arrow and HT to make QSOs
on UO-14, and SO-50 or AO-27 if they are on or still on by the time they get
to 18 degrees latitude. I have applied for my reciprocal license, but since
I have to pick it up in person, and this is a work trip, the exact date I'll
be on is unknown as is my callsign.

I would like to do AO-40 too, but my luggage allowance is VERY restricted
due to work stuff. With the close range and attitude, I may be able to use
the UHF half of the arrow and a helix/preamp combo, or line an umbrella with
foil when I get there and try that. If it looks like I can fit the gear, and
it will work, I'll take the radios to do AO-40 (Yaesu FT-790/817 combo). If
I do make AO-40, it will be only in the earliest AM hours before work. I
will endeavour to assemble this setup this week and test it before I go.

There is a chance of an evening pass or 2 from nearby Saint Martin/Maarten
(PJ7/FS). They are both CEPT entities, so no special license required.

QSL direct only, with an SASE, or SAE and green stamp/euro, to my QRZ.com

If anyone has experience operating from Anguilla, please email me before the
19th. Any ideas on the smallest possible receive setup would also be
helpful. I'm afraid any sort of non-collapsible dish is out of the question.
I do not expect to have e-mail or phone on the island, so if you hear me
trying to pass traffic on UO-14, please let me get it through. I promise I
won't take long.

Thanks all, and hope to work you.

73 Drew KO4MA

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