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Re: [LogWindow] LW at Dayton

sco@sco-inc.com wrote:

> If you are going to Dayton this month you can order/purchase LOG 
> WINDOW 4.03.04x at the AMSAT booth.
> The regular price is $79.95 but you can order it from AMSAT (at 
> DAYTON) for a Hamfest Special price of only $50.
> A portion of that will be donated to AMSAT.

/What does "order/purchase" mean?   Will the buyer be carrying away a CD 
and manual, or given a password to down load the program at home, or 
perhaps put on a list to receive the product when it is ready to ship?/

> LOG WINDOW is the newest release of the popular LOG WINDOWS logging 
> software program. The serial number/key scheme has changed (in the new 
> version) so every current user should upgrade if possible. This the 
> same price for 3.x users to upgrade.

/Are there plans to upgrade radio or rotator control // selections ? 
 The Orion by Ten Tec and the Pro.SYS.Tel Big Boy rotators are now being 
widely used and support for these should expand potential customer base 
for the LW progam./

> I had hoped to be at Dayton but my brother's broken hip changed my 
> plans. But this arrangement with AMSAT is a win-win for both AMSAT and 
> SCO.

/ I do pray for a speedy recovery for your brother and I am sure many 
would have wanted to meet you at Dayton./

> /73....K4TO/
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