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Telemetry AO-16 and LO-19

Telemetry summary data received today, Sat May 10/2003
They continue flying around the Earth, in the Gods dream.
73 de Miguel, EA1BCU

PACSAT (AO-16) Semi-Operational ***
1616Z 02/18/2003
WOD Dump of Array current Channels 26,27,28,29,2A,2B
Will Dump data for 24 hours. AO16 Command Team <WJ9F>
uptime is 1182/07:37:43.  Time is Sat May 10 11:28:49 2003
+5 Volt Bus      4.941 V  +5V Rx Current   0.047 A
+2.5V  VREF      2.495 V  8.5V BUS         8.602 V
+10V Bus        10.800 V  GASFET Bias I    0.003 A
+Z Array V      22.301 V  +X (RX) Temp     6.049 D
RX Temp         -1.817 D  +Z Array Temp   13.916 D
+5V Bus          4.874 V  +8.5V Bus        8.592 V
BCR Set Point  121.238 C  BCR Load Cur     0.413 A
+8.5V Bus Cur    0.029 A  +5V Bus Cur      0.243 A
-X Array Cur    -0.005 A  +X Array Cur     0.027 A
-Y Array Cur    -0.017 A  +Y Array Cur     0.158 A
-Z Array Cur    -0.002 A  +Z Array Cur     0.175 A
Ext Power Cur   -0.015 A  BCR Input Cur    0.385 A
BCR Output Cur   0.342 A  Bat 1 Temp       5.444 D
Bat 2 Temp       5.444 D  Baseplt Temp     6.049 D
PSK TX RF Out    1.705 W  RC PSK TX Out    0.009 W
RC PSK BP Temp   4.839 D  RC PSK HPA Tmp   4.839 D
+Y Array Temp    6.654 D  PSK TX HPA Tmp   8.470 D

Total Array C= 0.360 Bat Ch Cur=-0.071 Ifb= 0.025 I+10V= 0.388
TX:1009 BCR:7E PWRC:36D BT:1E WC:25 EDAC:2A

To obtain the complete file:
Graphic information of the telemetria can find it in.


LUSAT (LO-19)NO-Operational.
The satellite continues sending the CW beacon at 437.126 Mcs.
Time is Sat May 10 11:48:49 2003

CW-Code: avt abd aub adv auu a66 a4d ae6
 5V-reg.:   4.89 V      8.5V-reg:   8.74 V
 10V-Bat:  11.39 V      10V-Curr:  116.2 mA
 TX-Pwr :  0.938 W      TX-Temp.:   2.73 ░C
 +Z-Sol.:  22.20 V      Box-Temp:   4.98 ░C

CW-Code: aut abd aub adv auu a6e a4e ae6
 5V-reg.:   5.30 V      8.5V-reg:   8.74 V
 10V-Bat:  11.39 V      10V-Curr:  115.5 mA
 TX-Pwr :  0.938 W      TX-Temp.:   2.73 ░C
 +Z-Sol.:  21.75 V      Box-Temp:   4.98 ░C

General information and decode values of
CW telemetry can find it in:

  Miguel A. MenÚndez  // Apdo. 79  AvilÚs // 33400 ASTURIAS Spain.
   E-mail: ea1bcu@amsat.org     www.telecable.es/personales/ea1bcu

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