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Re: Once again: Realistic BBQ Dish Gain with OriginalDipole Feed, an

Actually, I think Pablo has already done that development. Surf to
http://www.ea4tx.com/ and have a look at his controllers and software.
Interfaces with any and all software that uses DDE. I use it here on my TVRO
and the program/interface works great. My problem is coming up with
something simple for the az that will survive a New England winter...

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> You know, the funny thing here is that the computer programs all ASSUME
> you are using a
> Yaesu G5500 rotor.
> It might be time to do some development.  A FodTrack hooked to a PIC could
> be a very simple solution.
> Program the pic to run your pulse actuators, battery back it up so it
> doesn't lose count.
> Use the output (either serial or parallel port) to tell the PIC where the
> actuators should point
> and have the PIC do the conversion, flop the relays and move the
> Actually, emulating the Serial port version (the Yaesu controller) would
> allow other programs to track as well...
> Its work, but it shouldn't be impossible to do.  I though W0LMD had
> for pulse actuators in his trackers.  If not, he should be willing to add
> this.
> Fred W0FMS
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> >
> >Well, I have destroyed the CD-44 I was using on my TVRO dish. I had
> >of using the dish actuator for azimuth control but, the problem is always
> >the same: how do I set it up to allow control by the computer? My main
> >problem is that, with the dish actuator, the rotational arc is
> >significantly
> >less than 360 degrees.
> >
> >How to fool the control program into thinking it is a full circle...
> >
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> >Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Once again: Realistic BBQ Dish Gain with
> >OriginalDipole Feed, an
> >
> >
> > > The real problem is with the Yaesu Rotors.  I've slowly started to
> >convert
> > > my stuff over to satellite dish actuators, and it amazes me that a $50
> > > actuator is so much stronger than a $650 ham rotor.
> > >
> > > But as I've said before.  If I was having 60 MPH gusts (and that's
> >nothing
> > > for Iowa) and/or I was not using the G5500 setup, I'd park the P*
> >straight
> > > up.  Its not an option with that rotor and that size dish, it's a
> > > requirement.
> > >
> >
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