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Re: Once again: Realistic BBQ Dish Gain with OriginalDipoleFeed, an

On Thursday 08 May 2003 09:04 pm, Jon Ogden wrote:
> on 5/8/03 7:07 PM, kevin schuchmann at kschuchm@pacbell.net wrote:
> > the beacon is 10 over... ya and where is your noise floor? s7 s8 s9?
> > 10 over... what sort of measurement is that?
> Kevin,
> That hardly makes sense.  If the beacon is 10 over, yet the noise floor is
> S7, 8 or 9, what is getting a bigger dish going to do???  You don't make
> sense.  A bigger dish isn't going to make the noise floor less.
> Rather, Kevin, the real scoop is more like this:
> BBQ dish:
> Beacon = S8 to S9
> Noise: S0 to S1 - BUT THIS IS NOT THE Transponder noise floor!
> 3' Dish:
> Beacon: = S10
> Noise: S3  - Now you are hearing transponder noise.
> These sort of numbers I would believe if you put them forth.  They make
> more sense.
> Jon
> -------------------------------------
> Jon Ogden
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> Life Member: ARRL, NRA
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Jon are you having fun?   
as you are prone to do, you are taking what I said out of context... it was in 
reference to the poem  saying the bbq is 10 over...

just saying that the beacon is 10 over s9 is meaningless...which is what I was 
referring to in my original message.
 I can add another preamp or add post converter gain and make the beacon any 
level I want...
so I could say my patch alone is 40 over s9 ... wow a patch beats a bbq...
I think not...

I agree with you unless the person says what cold sky is and how much xpondr 
noise floor they are hearing the numbers are meaningless...

depending on range  and squint, I hear  the beacon s9 or maybe a little over 
with a s0 noise floor with the dish pointed at cold sky, xponder noise floor 
is s1 s2... 

since I hear the noise floor you cant sneak a signal in under me, if its there 
I  will hear it...

if you listened to the wav file I listed previously you could tell that the 
poor guy there could not hear me...  he was trying but he was limited by his 
setup... it happend to be a bbq and I believe he even had a dsp unit to help 
with the noise, but  it could have  been  anything setup that has less than 
about 24 dbi of antenna gain... and or a high nf

have fun 

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