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Hey! Hey Hey Mister....the price is right

> > The real problem is with the Yaesu Rotors.  I've slowly started to convert
> > my stuff over to satellite dish actuators, and it amazes me that a $50
> > actuator is so much stronger than a $650 ham rotor.

I burn out a del-HI HEAVY-DUTY rotor on my dish resulting in a no winter operatiion on AO-40. Too cold 
outside to play around with ropes and makes me look like a fool to my fellow neighbourgs. (Its probably done 

I dismantle from the top of my tower an old Tailtwister put in retirement for at least 10 years...and you 
know what? he perform like a brand new even after more than 20 years of HF servicing antennas (3 elems delta 
loop on 20).

BUT an old actuator in a back office of a TVRO installer who ask me by the way " if i want more to open air 
vents windows in  pork stable"  drive my 7.5' dish without a glitch even jam packed with snow and ice since i 
installed it .

Conclusion why the rotor company did not make the ULTIMATE HD ham rotor the same way?...they did it when hams 
knows and read... I was not reading at that time...i've been lucky to not put my tailtwister on my hamfest 
table. I called that experience... or lazyness to have to reclimb that XXX tower again.

I have two KR-500. One made by yaesu and the other one made by kenpro still wrapped in the original plastic 
seal bag for one.  I still keeps it for futur project!

You can see pictures of it on    www.qsl.net/ve2dwe

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE (AMSAT 33583)
Coordonnateur AMSAT pour le Québec
Quebec AMSAT coordinator
SITES WEB:http://www.sorel-tracy.qc.ca/~luclebla/
Sorel-Tracy QC.
J3P 5N6

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