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Re: Gene's spreadsheet and K-band

Scott Townley wrote:

 >Probably a dumb question...but I noticed in going thru Gene's link 
 >budget spreadsheet that when you enter circular polarization for the 
 >K-band downlink you get an advantage...I thought the K-band downlink 
 >was linear polarized?  Shouldn't you actually take a 3dB hit using 
 >circular on K downlink?  (and of course a potentially infinite hit 
 >using linear--but we'll think positive for now).
 >Or am I all wet?
 >Scott Townley NX7U
 >Gilbert, AZ  DM43di


You are not all wet. When I put the spreadsheet together I did not 
realize the K-band downlink was linearly polarized. I'll incorporate the 
fix the next time I update the spreadsheet.


Gene Marcus W3PM GM4YRE
Huntsville, AL

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