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Re: Once again: Realistic BBQ Dish Gain with OriginalDipole Feed, an

On Thursday 08 May 2003 01:47 pm, Michael Williams wrote:
> Anytime I read the BBQ mail, I just look up on the wall. Along with the
> QSLs is Barry's poem. It always brings a good chuckle.
> Thanks Barry!  See you all at Dayton.
> Mike
> BBQ Grill Blues
> By: VA3BJD
> There it sits in all it's splendor
> Simply because, I'm not a big spender.
> What will I do, what will I do
> James and Drew say I can't hear poo!
> In rides Jon on a white horse
> I hope he doesn't talk in Morse.
> Jon types and types with all his might
> Even against three he puts up a good fight.
> So here I sit all bummed out in my shack
> The deaf BBQ Grill sits out back.
> Now the BB is quiet, the BB is calm
> Who will lob the next e-mail bomb?
> Oh look at the time AO 40 is in range
> The beacon is 10 over, hey Drew that's strange.
> I lookout out back it can't be true
> I no longer have the BBQ Grill Blues.

Ya Mike I get a chuckle at that  also , because it shows the lack of knowledge 
that the BBQ supporters love to show in their defense of their beloved BBQ...

the beacon is 10 over... ya and where is your noise floor? s7 s8 s9?
10 over... what sort of measurement is that? 

I owned a bbq and 2 transystem dc's one modified with the n6ors mod to cut the 
noise down... they still were lousy but usable...
there are some exceptions but they are not the norm...

the only thing I have against them or any other system that is marginal is 
that the person using it is prone to cranking up his uplink to beacon level 
to hear himself and is deaf as a post...

a good example of this is at http://home.pacbell.net/kschuchm/ears.wav
I will admit that my signal is weak but it is copyable, my recv antenna was
a 3 foot dish patch feed and db6nt downconverter, the other gent  is on a BBQ
grill.... he could never copy my call

a BBQ works and will make a lot of qso's, but it will never be a good top 
performer without mods... some of the mods are cheap and easy...

so if you love them fine have a great time... just don't hold them up as 
something to strive for...


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