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Re: Once again: Realistic BBQ Dish Gain with OriginalDipole Feed, an

It is not false information. Users with poor downlinks DO drive up the AGC,
in addition to whatever other interference may be out there. I can not tell
you how many stations I've heard that were beacon level, but could not copy
my callsign at 8 db below the beacon. Or stations who could not hear a QSO
in progress and fired up CQing right on top of them, sometimes even on a
rare DX station. The common thread I've seen? Either a BBQ dish or a helix
on receive, often into a poor downconverter. Granted, there is a difference
between a hamfest surplus MMDS dish with a built in dipole feed and 3 ft
pigtail feeding a drake, and one of K5GNA's best systems. _Good grief man,
you can see it in the telemetry when these guys are talking!!!!_ (Yes, I can
watch real time telemetry and listen to another station at the same time)

Again, take a deep breath....Not all BBQ dishes are bad. They are a great
intro system. But MANY of us that use AO-40 every pass, and have since
opening day, realize that for a few dollars of hardware cloth and wire you
can make that BBQ dish bigger, and reflective in more than one plane. For a
few dollars more you can make a helix feed and pick up 3 more db and lose
the fades. The increase in windload is marginal, the increase in performance
is outstanding. The cost is ridiculously cheap.

Your assertion that it is false info is wrong. You've not seen the light
yet. You will...I would think someone would experience both sides before
doling out free advice at every turn.

You know what we, as Amsat's representatives to the rest of hamdom, can do?
Quit saying that a meager effort is enough. Quit stretching the truth to get
people to try AO-40, and then leave them hanging when their mediocre receive
setup leaves them indifferent to AO-40. Help get information out that works
well, not just works. The difference in effort is small, but the return is
increased dramatically and we will retain more enthusiasts willing to donate
more time and money to future efforts.

Just one ham's opinion.....

73, Drew KO4MA

> The problem is that there was just false information going around that BBQ
> users were overdriving the AGC of the bird because they couldn't hear
> themselves.  And they were making it worse for everyone else.  I suppose
> it's a "logical" conclusion that someone with a bigger dish could make.
> They look at the AGC numbers and are convinced the high readings are due
> the guys who can't hear as well.  Yet even with the transponders turned
> those AGC numbers are still high sometimes!  It's more likely some other
> sort of received signal is doing it that isn't amateur at all!

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