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Re: Dumb Antenna Install ?

> >I'm ready to erect my sat antennas.  My dumb question, "Is there any > >convention or reason to mount the 2 meter antenna on one side of the > >cross boom and the 440 Mhz antennas on the other?  Meaning, should one > >be on the left and the other on the right or does it matter?"  I don't > >think it matters but I might as well ask.  
This is a complex issue to analyze.  If your primary mode of operation will be mode J (e.g., UO-14, FO-20/29), meaning you "talk" with the VHF antenna, AND your political leanings are towards the Republican party, then the 2 m antenna should be mounted on the right side and the 70 cm antenna should be mounted on the left side.  If you are more liberal, let's say you did not support the President's war on Iraq, then you would mount the 2 m antenna on the left and the 70 cm antenna on the right.  However, if mode B is your preference (e.g., AO-7 or still hoping for AO-10's return), then conservatives will want to "talk" with the 70 cm antenna on the right and the 2 m antenna on the left.  This installation convention, of course, follows the IEEE "right hand" standard for current flow whereby you stand behind the antennas, hold your thumb up to determine prevailing wind direction, and the curl of your fingers depicts the actual direction of electron flow in the conductor (your transmit antenna).
I hope this is helpful.73,Jerry, K5OE
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