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RE: AO-40 Station at Dayton..

Hi Frank

I've been looking at this myself. Two problems:

o When the Hamvention is on we're right on the cusp of being able to switch
on the transponders, but how close I'm not certain.

o The other major issue is the timing for the squint to be acceptable during
hours that the show is actually open!

For comparision purposes I took 16 May (start of the Hamvention) and looked
at the last time that AO-40 had this situation, which was back in early/mid
March 2002 and ALON/ALAT was about 330/0. The transponder was switched on
between MA 5 and MA 100 with K band 70-74.

Right now we're at about 348/22 according to the telemetry.

If we have similar conditions, I would guess that the transponder might be
switched on. Martha's been in touch with me and I've already offered to
bring over my portable setup as I did last year, but as far as I know we're
far from 100% sure if the transponder will be on.

Sadly this is probably a moot point because my predictions show that the
times that AO-40 will be over the horizon, the Hamvention will be open, and
squint will be acceptable are non-existant :-(

The only time I have which might work is on Friday 16 May between about 0315
and 1000 local, with the squint being very difficult after about 0730 local.
So not good news I'm afraid.

73 Howard G6LVB

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