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Re: Once again: Realistic BBQ Dish Gain with Original Dipole Feed, an

I'm not going to participate further in this discussion...been thrashed to
death just a month or so ago.

I did promise to measure the BBQ so I have:  it is 39 by 23.5 inches.  The
straight sides are 31-inches long, so I very roughly estimate the dish area
at 23.5 x 35 = 822.5 sq-in (5306 sq-cm).  A round 3-foot dish has an area
of 6567 sq-cm.  If both are equally fed (they will not be, of course) then
the difference in gain is = 6567/5306 = 0.9 dB.  That's pretty close to the
numbers given by Eric (he had 1.25 dB).

But as others have pointed out one dish is linear and the other circular
polarized...and one is easier to illuminate properly.

May I just conduct my little side-by-side on-air experiment using the AO-40
beacon and report back?

73 - Ed

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