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Re: Once again: Realistic BBQ Dish Gain with Original Dipole Feed, an

> I have calculated the gain of the 2'x3' BBQ using NEC-2 and get 25.5dBi.
This is using an "exact" physical representation of >the reflector (meaning,
the actual wire grid spacing and wire diameters).

I read with interest this ongoing discussion regarding this 2x3 BBQ dish
with dipole feed.  But before this information discourages anyone from using
this type of dish....read on.

I purchased such a dish and a ready made downconverter from K5GNA on eBay
last year.  So far it has weathered one good snowy and cold Canadian
weather.  I am located in the middle of the province of Ontario at grid
square FN05.  I have it installed on a normal satellite type system with a
yaseau az/el rotor.  The antenna is as recieved and not covered with
hardware cloth.

So far I have made over 200 contacts with this antenna using AO-40.  I have
more DXCC countries now than I ever did on HF.   These contact were not
telephone quality, but I was able to carry out a QSO with very little
effort.  I would say that it is about par with any QSO that I have had on
AO-10 in the better years.

So if anyone is considering this antenna do not be discouraged by the
discussions of the DB gain.  The antenna works.....  The whole topic of the
DB gain bit reminds me of two local discussing which truck is better....Ford
or Chev.  In the end they both get you from point A to point B, and isn't
that the point.

sunny Sundridge, Ontario, Canada

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