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Re: Once again: Realistic BBQ Dish Gain with Original Dipole Feed, and After It's Converted for Circular Polarization

At 12:18 PM 5/7/03 -0700, Eric Rawson wrote:
>I saw a posting citing a "24 dBi BBQ dish with original dipole feed".  As
>discussed on this BB before, this gain figure is misleading in two ways.

Hey Eric!  Please don't take my earlier reply as criticism...I just like to
be sure everyone is clear on these topics!

Actually your comments reminded me of the "BBQ Dish" war of a couple months
ago...I certainly DO NOT wish to resume them ;-)  It does offer an
opportunity, though.  If I do not sell the BBQ right away I might mount it
next to my 33-inch offset feed dish and use the DEM preamp (which I
acquired in this batch of trade goods) and do some comparisons between the
two dish setups.  Maybe I can establish some "real" bench-mark numbers
between the two.  It ought to be close enough for knowing how BBQ's stack
up against a 3-foot dish with circular-pol feed.

73, Ed - AL7EB

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