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Re: Antenna comparison question


There's no question that the M2 antennas are probably better than the
Hy-Gain antennas.   Consider that one is like a Chevy the other like a BMW.
It's a question of how much you can afford.  I would indeed get the ability
to switch polarities.

But you don't need a fiberglass crossboom.  Kent Brittain, WA5VJB, did a
study of a fiberglass crossboom and a metal crossboom.  See his results at


If the antennas are mounted correctly, you'll have little problem and only
minimal pattern degradation.  I used to use fiberglass and now I use a piece
of galvanized pipe.  It works just fine and is MUCH stronger.

The fiberglass is doubly expensive because due to the length of a rod, it
exceeds regular UPS shipping size and gets a size surcharge added to it that
is not cheap.

In reality, either set of antennas will probably work fine.  What I would
check out in detail is the quality of the polarity switching circuitry.  I
have the old KLM design and the switching board, particularly on the 2m
side, could have been done better.  It's exposed to the weather, etc.  Good
RF relays are not cheap and if M2 uses good product, that answers the
question of cost.

Good luck and let us know what you do.



on 5/6/03 9:06 PM, Steve Meuse at smeuse@mara.org wrote:

> I'm looking to make my initial purchase of 2m and 70cm antennas
> and I've come across something that I would like to get some opinions on.
> The two sets of antennas that I've been looking at so far are the M2 2mcp14
> and the 436cp30 and the Hy-gain VB-216SAT and UB-7030. They appear to have
> just about the same amount of gain and have a fairly close list price,
> however, the Hy-gain models come with a polarity switch built in. I saw
> that the polarity for the M2 models was extra and fairly expensive at $177
> each. Add in the cost of a fiberglass boom based on the M2 pricelist and
> your total package is going to come out around $1k. Hy-gain has a complete
> package that consists of the two antennas (with switches) and a fiberglass
> boom for a package price of $559. That's quite a difference in price. I
> understand that the M2 antennas are quality Items, but are they worth the
> extra cash?

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