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Antenna comparison question

          I'm looking to make my initial purchase of 2m and 70cm antennas 
and I've come across something that I would like to get some opinions on. 
The two sets of antennas that I've been looking at so far are the M2 2mcp14 
and the 436cp30 and the Hy-gain VB-216SAT and UB-7030. They appear to have 
just about the same amount of gain and have a fairly close list price, 
however, the Hy-gain models come with a polarity switch built in. I saw 
that the polarity for the M2 models was extra and fairly expensive at $177 
each. Add in the cost of a fiberglass boom based on the M2 pricelist and 
your total package is going to come out around $1k. Hy-gain has a complete 
package that consists of the two antennas (with switches) and a fiberglass 
boom for a package price of $559. That's quite a difference in price. I 
understand that the M2 antennas are quality Items, but are they worth the 
extra cash?

Am I missing something obvious?


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