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Re: Crystal question

Ah the old days!

Xtals in FT243 and 10XJ holders could be taken apart and the edges of the
actual quartz blank ground down using a glass plate and kitchen abrasive
known as AJAX here in the UK.

That would take the frequency higher and if you went too far some 2B pencil
lead rubbed on the quartz would bring it back down a bit.

It reminds me of my early days on 2 metres with a AM TX with a 5763 PA (ex
aircraft) and a bank of crystals so that we could work in contests when the
calling station would announce "tuning high to low" or "tuning low to high"

Sorry for the reminisces William - not much help for you today!


graham G3VZV

----- >
> I like to do some experiments with changing the frequency of normal
> types.
> I have read in some very old magazines that amateurs did make their needed
> crystal frequencies themselfs. They take an available crstal and change
> frequency of the crystal by changing the shape of it.

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