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Re: Crystal question

Alan Leech wrote:
> I heard that crystals are etched with some sort of acid, to change the 
> freq' upwards..  Dunno 'bout stability, though..

Think it was Ammonium bifluoride? , but is now considered a Extremely 
Hazardous Waste.  Etched very slow, was used to do the final few Hz 

Bought a kit from some Crystal place and some military surplus crystals
in the square holders with frequencies near the Novice ham band used in 
the late 50's.

Used some fine "grit" stuff on a piece of glass at first using a "figure 
eight motion on both sides the doing same number of 8's,then the the
bifluoride solution was used to tweak the crystal to the final frequency 
by soaking it in the solution, it took a long time to go one cycle.

Now I am dating myself, HI.

Jerry - K0HZI

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