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Re: Crystal question

I heard that crystals are etched with some sort of acid, to change the freq' 
upwards..  Dunno 'bout stability, though..

William Leijenaar wrote:
> Hi AMSATs,
> I like to do some experiments with changing the frequency of normal 
> crystal types.
> I have read in some very old magazines that amateurs did make their 
> needed crystal frequencies themselfs. They take an available crstal and 
> change the frequency of the crystal by changing the shape of it.
> I have tried this also with some crystals I have here, but I was not 
> succesfull.
> Maybe someone knows how to change a crystal frequency without distroying 
> it ????
> And what about the temperature stability ?
> Then some more crystal question:
> --------------------------------
> Can crystals be made (more) shock proof by pour it into resin ?
> Or this will make the crystal more temperature un-stable ??
> 73 de PE1RAH, William
> ---

73 de Alan
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