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Jon Ogden wrote:

> I doubt the eQSL system will ever be accepted for anything.  The whole
>issue is one of security and legitimacy.  The only electronic system
>currently under development that will accept electronic submissions is
>ARRL's Logbook of the World.  Since the ARRL controls the awards, they
can >control how to confirm them as well.  A lot of work has gone into
the >program and it does much more than just serve as a QSL service.

This is all very well for the US-based amateurs who have a reliable and
efficient postal service, and to whom cost in dollars is insignificant.
For third world countries however this is not exactly so pleasant. 
The argument of security and legitimacy is farcical - this is a hobby
and not a business enterprise (cheats are only cheating themselves), and
printed cards are even more prone to falsification than any electronic
qsl, be it via E-QSL or a scanned copy of a QSL card sent as an email
attachment. For many African countries (so-called "civilized" countries
like South Africa included) this would provide far more suitable QSL
options than relying on a haphazard, incompetent and corrupt postal
service. The future of our QSL bureau in South Africa is currently under
revue, as the SARL simply cannot afford to keep it running in its
present form, and the cost of direct QSLing is rapidly becoming
prohibitive. As it is, E-QSLs are printable and could be submitted in
the same manner as "normal" QSLs. 
In my opinion the whole thing boils down to money - the ARRL (and its
affiliates) want to restrict electronic QSLs to their own (chargeable)
system in order to generate revenue. According to Wayne Mills of the
ARRL there will be charges attached to their Logbook of the World, and
when our currency translates to the dollar at 7.5:1 (our best rate for
some years!) that makes it a no-no in this neck of the woods! E-QSL is
free, which is obviously a problem to the ARRL. Unfortunately the
intransigent attitude of the ARRL towards electronic qsling has forced
me to consign any thoughts of DXCC to file 13 - it is simply too
expensive to pursue!

Just the humble comments of a frustrated amateur in a third-world

Barry ZR6DXB

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