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Re: eQSL

 "Bruce Paige" writes:

> I even told one ham that he could write it on toilet paper for me as long as I 
> got the information for an award. 

For one of my DX trips, when I was out of cards and the guy was in a hurry,
I wrote "I confirm these details are correct per my log" on the face of the
guy's card, signed it and returned it.

> Want a better chance of getting a returned card? Include a self addressed 
> envelope. Not all hams can afford to pay postage for everyone that wants their 
> state/country/grid. You also might think about including a pre-printed QSL on a 
> slip of paper that the other station only needs to sign and put back in your 
> envelope.

I came home from 8P6DR two weeks ago after 2000+ hf cw QSOs (didn't have room 
for satellite gear) and have already had about 50 cards direct - many people 
(not just USA) put one or more green stamps (a $1 bill) in their envelope in 
lieu of postage; some include International Reply Coupons, and occasionally UK 
stamps. Most include an addressed envelope but an adhesive address label is also
acceptable. No postage = reply via bureau. But the main factor in QSLing is 
the operators themselves; some are good at QSLing others are lousy. I've only 
ever received a couple of pre-printed cards (and I didn't use them). A handful 
of guys even e-mailed me to check the details before sending a direct card.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

          So many beautiful girls ..... (sob) so little time
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