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> Want a better chance of getting a returned card? Include
> a self addressed envelope. Not all hams can afford to pay
> postage for everyone that wants their state/country/grid.
> You also might think about including a pre-printed QSL on
> a slip of paper that the other station only needs to sign
> and put back in your envelope. That way, should they not
> have any QSL's, they will not be burdened about creating
> a card for you and can sign and go.
> I hope this helps everyone.
> 73...bruce
> Bruce Paige, KK5DO

Hey Bruce.

	After reading you comments above, and thinking that I have done ALL of that
and more... there are still some that WILL NOT QSL.  Even with SASEs,
pre-printed QSLs and even a $1 bill, still no QSLs.

	My QSL return rate is about 83%.  And you would be surprised at some of the
callsigns that don't QSL.  Maybe some day we all can share callsigns and
compare them.

	On the good side, having a good computer in the shack makes it so much
easier to keep track of it all.  And some day the E-QSL will be allowed.
Instant QSLing will then be a fact.  The folks against E-QSLs and computers
amuse me.  I wonder how many track their satellites manually?  Of course, we
will never know, because if they are on the list here, then they MUST have a
computer.  <grin>  I wonder is someone against E-QSLing will not apply for
their award because the LAST card needed is sent as an E-QSL.  Personally,
If it is done right, I look forward to E-QSLing!

	Take care buddy.

Mike.  KD9KC
El Paso, TX.

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