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Re: G-5500 controller question


G6LVB writes:
> No change on the Az meter here. From your symptoms I wonder if the Q1
>  2SC2120/D2-D5 regulator has gone soft. Or maybe the Q2 7806 regulator has
>  gone AWOL. Q2 is easy to check without taking the unit apart by placing a
>  voltmeter across Az1 and Az3 (should be 6V).

It definitely sounds like Q2.  I had a bad one and, finding this device an 
odd duck, I tried replacing it with the common 7805 with a 1N4001 in the 
ground leg.  This works fine EXCEPT both the meter and the A/D values will 
"jump" when the motor starts.  This drove my Uni-Trac crazy!  Sourcing the 
real 7806 fixed the problem.
Jerry, K5OE
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