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Satellite Stuff FS

Hi, I got the following satellite gear for sale:

1. Drake-2880 convertor modified to 144 output with: Conifer preamp, power
inserter and the wall transformer...$70

2. A TranSystem 3731A downconverter, converted by W5GNA for 144 MHz IF
(N-male input/F-female out) with drake power inserter and wall

3. A 24 dBi BBQ dish with original dipole feed...$50

4. An Astron RS-35 (13.5 vdc/35 amp) PS...$125.

All prices in USD with shipping extra (items 1&2 can go priority mail).

All items were received in trade yesterday from a well-known Alaskan AO-40
operator. I will check electronics items for proper function before selling.

Ed - AL7EB

PS: there may be more stuff later if I decide not to keep them for my
personal use.

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