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G-5500 controller question

Users of the G-5500 AZ/EL rotor system:
I took a BIG lightning strike the other night which wiped out a good
deal of the logic-level stuff in the shack. Now that I am getting things
back in order, I notice on my G-5500 controller that when either the az
or el motor is called for by Nova, both meters drop in value for the
duration of the energized motor. Would a user give a quick check? Push
either up or down and see if the AZ meter changes value.

The problem is: after the strike I had to re-cal the 5500 pots. That
does not strike me as good. (No pun intended) This apparent voltage drop
when energized, NOVA does not like it ONE BIT.. The drop in voltage on
the meter and associated comparators is seen by NOVA as an over or
undershot and it immediately commands to rotor to go the other
direction.. Well, this would go on forever!!!

Prior to popping the 5500 lid, just wondered if anyone had had such a

Gunther Meisse

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