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Re: Re: Repeater on the Moon or geosat

Good Day All,
      All of the stuff I  see about the commercial geo's all make sense.  I
think the idea of trying to add a Ham
payload to a commercial GEO doesn't work for all of the listed reasons. BUT
What would make more sense would to be to got someone like TRW  or whoever
that is building Commercial
Geo's to think about the possibility of commanding a wide band system out of
the commercial frequencies into
adjacent  ham frequencies when the station keeping propellant has been
exhausted and its pushed out of the stable
orbit.  It would still be out there far enough to give us great coverage and
would still be generating a massive
power  budget. The antennas just wouldn't be optimized for our frequencies.
         They would  just have to have a more frequency agile system so it
could be moved over to our frequencies.
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> Not to burst your bubble, but here are some issues with Geo birds as they
> pertain to amateur radio use:

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