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Re: eQSL

EQSLs are not valid for any award like others have said.  There are many
people that use them.  I think I have probably several hundred if not
thousands waiting for me as I do a lot of contest work.

The biggest problem with EQSLs is that they propagate to people who don't
even want them.  You see, to answer an EQSL one at a time from what I have
been told is very cumbersome.  But it's very quick if you just upload your
entire log file to the EQSL server.  But then you end up sending EQSLs to
every single person you worked whether they wanted one or not.

Since the EQSL is worth nothing it is one QSL format I do not respond to.
It counts no more than my actual log book.

On the other hand, the ARRL is in beta testing of the Logbook of the World.
This should be coming on line later this year.  The LOTW as it is called
WILL be valid for award chasing.  The great thing is that if you work a new,
rare station and that log is uploaded, you automatically get the DXCC
credit!  You don't have to do anything.  From what I have heard from folks
tied into this at the ARRL, it is REALLY slick.



on 5/3/03 10:25 AM, OZ1MY at oz1my@privat.dk wrote:

> Hi all,
> I did receive a mail from a fellow radio amateur that he had
> placed an eQSL card for me - and that there were 75 other
> eQSL's for me on the server. I never asked anyone to send the QSL
> this way.
> I looked it up, and found that most of the QSL's did not have a satellite
> name and/or uplink and downlink frequency on it. Therefor the QSL's will
> not be usefull for satellite DXCC.
> If you want to use this service, you must make sure that the satellite
> name is on the card - and IMHO both the uplink and downlink frequency.

Jon Ogden
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