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Re: eQSL

>Last I heard, the ARRL was working on an electronic system similar to EQSL,
>but I've not heard it was operational yet. These confirmations would be
>valid for ARRL awards.

Any organization with a controlled membership can establish a Secure database 
of contacts, with all the correct entries as data, which they could use to 
apply toward their awards.

The amount of data collected is not insurmountable, a figure of current 
membership times an arbitrary number....say perhaps 1000 entries per year, 
per member, and increased to include the size of the data in the fields, 
should supply enough storage space.

Calculate bandwidth required, design a front end, limit access to current 
membership only, make it searchable by call, scour for dupes and errors and 
make it available to certified "Checkers" for verification or awards.

Cost is minimal and can be reflected in membership fees, even a seperate fee 
for the service could be collected, opt in or out as a member.

The "concept" has to be accepted by the organization first, the establishment 
of the site is minimal. 

I once calculated that my first 100 countries card collection cost me about 
$5 US per card. They are pretty, but by my choice they ended up in a box 

Just my thoughts,


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