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Re: eQSL

OZ1MY wrote:

> Hi all,
> I did receive a mail from a fellow radio amateur that he had
> placed an eQSL card for me - and that there were 75 other
> eQSL's for me on the server. I never asked anyone to send the QSL
> this way.

I am in the same boat - a bunch of people have sent me eQSLs, and I have
never asked for them that way

> I looked it up, and found that most of the QSL's did not have a satellite
> name and/or uplink and downlink frequency on it. Therefor the QSL's will
> not be usefull for satellite DXCC.

I've seen the same problem.  Many just show it as a 2M or 430 conversation.

> If you want to use this service, you must make sure that the satellite
> name is on the card - and IMHO both the uplink and downlink frequency.

As far as I know, for award hunting, eQSL cards are not worth the paper you
print them on.  Unless anyone has more up to date information, none of the
major award programs will accept any form of electronic QSL.

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