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Re: eQSL

Hello.. I found out about EQSL much the same way you did.

I don't want to restart an old debate, but it's my understanding that EQSLs
are not valid for most awards at all - no matter what.

EQSL is fine for someone that simply wants to confirm a QSO, and doesn't
care about awards - but I can't imagine ever wanting to print one and keep

EQSL is free, but to compare apples to apples, factor in the cost of the
paper and inkjet cartridge also -- it's certainly not free!

 I'm sure that a printed EQSL would cost equal to or more than a paper QSL.
For example, my printer's inkjet cartridges cost about $50, while my last
QSL card order was $60.00. This order was for 1000 custom color qsl cards!

 I send most DX cards via QSL bureau, so postage isn't a factor.

Last I heard, the ARRL was working on an electronic system similar to EQSL,
but I've not heard it was operational yet. These confirmations would be
valid for ARRL awards.

Good luck on DXCC my friend, I'm getting pretty close myself! 73,

Kyle Yoksh
Olathe, Kansas USA

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> I looked it up, and found that most of the QSL's did not have a satellite
> name and/or uplink and downlink frequency on it. Therefor the QSL's will
> not be usefull for satellite DXCC.

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