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In, around, and enroute to Dayton, keep several QSL cards handy or under
your windshield wipers or somewhere visible on your APRS car while parked.
Mark these cards as "TX".  (If it rains, have a ZIP-LOK bag).

Find as many other APRS cars that you can, take a "TX" card and LEAVE an
"RX" card (put "RX" on your card).  Mark the date/time on the TX card.
The winner of the APRS FINDU contest  is the  person that can collect as
many TX cards as possible.

The contest ENDS at 5 PM on Saturday, BEFORE You get to the Marions Pizza
parking lot.  Bring your cards for scoring. No cards exchanged in that
parking lot count.  (Marion's is at at 39-43.59N/084-03.36W.
APRS users should look for N8NUY-10 as a beacon on the map).

CAUTION, when leaving your card on someone elses car, be sure to stuff it
through the door or somewhere that the driver will get it but that someone
else will not think it is the card for that vehicle.  Car owners
should tape a QSL INSIDE the window also for positive ID and to eliminate
any confusion over the cards.

DETAILS.  Being lucky doesnt count.  You have to copy the vehicle position
on the air for it to count.  WHile parked near Dayton, set your beacon
rate to 10 minutes and set your path to no more than WIDE or none to
minimize QRM.


The term FINDU is a trademark or domain name of K4HG.

Next year we may ask you to write the LAT/LONG and the RANGE to HARA arena
on the card.  THen the distance to HARA can be a multiplier.  This will
separate the easy ones in the parking lot from those you collect while 300
miles out!

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