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Re: Re: Who is wasting uplink power?

It is an interesting puzzle.  It is true that other things are influencing
the AGC. However, so far that seems to be the exception rather than the rule
so we're not completely off the hook for poor operating practices yet.  For
those looking at the data here are some points that I've found helpful to
keep in mind.

1.  The rev number on your tracking program is probably one off from the
telemetry data.  Cross check the UTC times when looking at the satellites
footprint to see which areas are in view.  Having the sub-satellite point
already in the a-block will be a big help along these lines.

2.  AO-40's orbit repeats on a 4 day/5 orbit pattern.  This pattern
progresses 27 minutes earlier every 4 days which also means that the
satellite is just 6.75 degrees further East than it was the last time.

I'll also post the charts that I'm using as I work my way through the data.


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> Hello all,
> it is interesting to me to see so many responses. The question comes up if
> also as long the transponder is switched on the same "say mysterious"
> signals will influence the U-RX-AGC and thus have impact to the
> of the transponder? In other words, not always when we see high AGC
> in the telemetry it is caused by excess uplink power by the users.
> So hw?

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