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Re: Re: Who is wasting uplink power?

Hello all,

it is interesting to me to see so many responses. The question comes up if
also as long the transponder is switched on the same "say mysterious"
signals will influence the U-RX-AGC and thus have impact to the performance
of the transponder? In other words, not always when we see high AGC figures
in the telemetry it is caused by excess uplink power by the users.
So hw?

Domenico, I8CVS has sent me AGC graphics which I have also produced, and
from which I've picked up the few mentioned values. I will watch the matter
more carefully and will produce more P3T-graphics to find out when and where
the AGC is going up. I will make the graphics available from tomorrow on at

A question to Stacey. Would not also command team activity be reflected in
the AGC? How long are you transmitting when working on the control tasks?


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