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An aerial gain question

Hello All,

I've been experimenting with UHF aerials for the past 18 months and although 
the aerial that I'm using (a 12 element design by DK7ZB) is the best that I 
have built, I feel something is lacking.

I have followed the design carefully and all dimensions are within 1 mm. The 
only deviation that I can see is that the elements are not exactly at right 
angles to the boom, some slant forward and a few slant backwards. A 
measurement at the tip of adjacent elements shows a difference of up to 6 mm 
either side of the boom. The element spacing at the centre of the boom is 
correct to within half a millimetre.

Would this inaccuracy have a significant effect on the gain? I don't think so.

I can hear myself through FO-29 and FO-20 at no better than S3 early in the 
pass. That's S3 on my FT-847 with the internal pre-amp turned on.

I'm working on an elevation system and maybe that's all that is lacking.


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