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RE: 2.4GHZ jamming?

Having previously had a very quiet 2.4GHz environment I started to suffer from a very strong wideband signal a short while ago. I think I've tracked it down to a 3rd generation mobile phone mast about 1km away which the landowner tells me was only recently activated. According to the licencing authority here in the UK (http://www.sitefinder.radio.gov.uk/) the site transmits at 2.1GHz and, sure enough, when checking with a spectrum analyser there's a big carrier at 2.112 GHz about 8MHz wide. Nothing at 2.4GHz though.  But my receive system has a 144MHz IF with the LO at  2256MHz so I think perhaps I'm seeing the image of 2256 - 2112 = 144MHz. I only came up with this theory last night. As I doubt I could satisfactorily filter out the 2112MHz , my plan for the weekend is to shift the IF to 148MHz which will hopefully move the image just outside of my IF passband. I'll tell you how things go. 

Chris G4SDG
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