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General: New Sequencer Design and Ckt Boards


I have been looking for an alternative sequencer design (to what's currently available) to interface some microwave transverters and VHF/UHF power amps to my 2 meter and 70 cm rigs. The sequencer's I have been using have two problems that have plagued me over the years (1) the inability to directly control surplus, 28 volt, coaxial T/R relays (without driving an external relay) and (2) no sequencing when the IF or driver rig accidentally gets put into transmit. I've repaired preamps and transverters many times because of this foopaa.  I found a sequencing circuit in the Microwave Projects Manual #2 that, although complex and more than I need, would solve both of these problems. I sent an email to the designer, Paul Wade, W1MHZ, for more information and to see if PC boards were available. Paul responded back that he had a newer, less complex, design on his web site:  http://www.w1ghz.org/small_proj/small_proj.htm. The new design is simple and meets all of my needs. It uses FET's for all of the output switching functions (and will handle 28 volt relays) and has a fail safe, RF sensed, circuit that activates the sequencers if the rig is accidentally put into transmit mode.  

Paul is going to order some PC boards soon for this new design. Boards in small quantities will be around $12 each but with a larger quantity the cost could come down to below $5 each. I am committed for 5 boards. If any of you are interested in the design (take a look on his web page), send Paul an email showing your interest. Maybe we can get a terrific little sequencer at a great price. Incidentally, Paul says the additional parts are around $6.50 if purchased new. Paul's e-mail is w1ghz@arrl.net. For clarification, this is for the boards only! You must add the external components, etc.

Thanks for your time and interest.

Dave Smith / W6TE

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