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RE: How far should one separate a LNA and its associated down converter, and Why?

Thanks for all the great info on my question.  I will mount the down
converter behind the dish, and the NLA behind the helical feed's reflector,
for counter-balance reasons.  From the responses this should work fine.

In answer to one question, these were bought pre-built, not as bought as

In answer to Joe  Murray, K0VTY, yes, SatEL has 1.2 GHz Return Loss Antenna
Bridges available.  Sorry I dropped the ball on your earlier query.  SatEL
has on hand kits with internal reference load, kits using external reference
load, and assembled bridges using external reference load, all for 1.2 GHz.
Please visit www.satel.us, or e-mail me privately if any questions.  Thanks.

Eric Rawson, KN6KC

On Friday, March 28, 2003, Joe Murray K0VTY wrote:

> I have tried to get a answer from you on the availability of a return
> loss bridge for 1.2gHz .    As you will recall I purchased a 2.4 gHz
> return loss bridge from you a couple of years ago.     Please determine
> for me if your Canadian friend can supply a 1.2 gHz bridge.
> I wish you well on your mode S receive system.
> Joe  Murray   K0VTY
> Amsat Area Coordinator fro NE
> Amsat # 860

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