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2.4 GHz Popper Found

Hello All,

I want to report on a new source of QRN at 2.4 GHz.  A few weeks ago I sent
out a query about a popping sound interfering with my AO-40 reception.  Some
DFing in the neighborhood showed it to be coming from two doors down.  Its a
new (3 weeks old) telephone/wireless intercom made by AT&T Advanced American
Telephone, Model 2462, FCC ID EN780-5001-00.  It is properly labeled.
Another popping source in the neighborhood is still running, and has been
for many years.  It will be the subject of some further DFing on my part.

I'm sending out this alert since the AT&T telephone is currently on the
market, and we may well be hearing more of them in the near future.  Fast
action on our part is the best way to get such a menace off the market.

I'm not on this reflector, so please send any queries or comments to me
directly at w4sw@arrl.net.

Good DFing and 73 from
Bernie, W4SW
AMSAT Member # 20,453.
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