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Direct TV Dish

have been fooling with a 18" Direct Tv Dish. Have the F/L right and D/C is a
3731aa. I Can receive beacon at over 50k, at s meter reading of s2. That
works but signals are weak. I added a pre-amp 13ulna, and could read beacon
at s9, and qso's were armchair. The transmit antenna is on another tripod
over 40 ft away from direct tv dish. problem is when I try and transmit to
find my downlink, everything gets overloaded, and can hear the transmit sig
every few kc's. tried putting about 20ft of rg8 between preamp and 3731 to
get some attenuation, but that doesn't solve problem of overloading. is
there some kinds fix to this problem. Would be neat to use this little dish,
and could move it to top of 50ft tower. appreciate any suggestions. using a
helix in front of pre-amp



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