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G5500 Control Box Problem - Summary of fix

I was having some problems with the azimuth analog readout on the control
box - it was giving sporadic readouts between 225-320 degrees. I could move
the antenna in that range and Uni_Trac could sporadically read it digitally
in it's software correctly and control the rotator correctly.

I first took the azimuth cable connector off, re-soldered fresh ends and
put it back on with the same results, so it appeared not to be a cable

Next I took down the azimuth rotator and disassembled it, because it was
suggested that the feedback potentiometer wiper was dirty. I found that the
black wire from the center of the internal wiper was barely touching the
red wire where it was supposed to be soldered. I re-soldered the wire and
reassembled the rotor.

After reassembling the rotator I found that the rotator stopped at 90
degrees on the meter and would not go down to 0 degrees - took the four
bolts out that held the rotator halves together and rotated the top 90
degrees clockwise - bingo it worked 0-360-90. The lesson learned is, next
time mark the case halves so I will know where to line them up at
reassembly time.

Many thanks to Bill Booth (VE3NXK) for suggesting a problem with the
feedback potentiometer - this got me to look at the internals.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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